EstaR Mortgage Alameda

Renee Konstantine

Reverse Sales Manager/Broker Associate
NMLS# 1360025
DRE# 1343046

Renee Konstantine PP


WHAT I DO: Educate and empower Senior home-owners to leverage a portion of their home equity to generate more tax-free cash, add guaranteed income for life, pay off current first mortgage and access a Government Insured line-of-credit.

HOW I DO IT: I provide 1-on-1 private in-home appointments, up-to-date reference books, on-site workshops and other content aimed at helping senior homeowners discover how to generate more retirement income to fill the cash-flow gap by using a portion of your home equity.

WHO I SERVE: Financial Planner/CPA referrals, Realtor referrals, workshop attendees and many others.





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